Keep Calm and Start Blogging

I’m so excited that the blog is finally up and running! It has taken a while to get it ready and learning how to use this software has been a steep learning curve. But it’s ready now and that’s the main thing! Now here’s a little about the blog and the topics I will be blogging about…

A Blank Canvas

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Vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, creativity and change.BRENÉ BROWN

Yes please! There’s something so refreshing and exciting about a blank canvas. That’s how I used to feel as a child when I had a big, blank, crisp piece of art paper in front of me. What will I draw today? What will I create?

What do you want to fill your page (aka canvas) with? Is it ideas, creativity, gossip, musings, hopes, aspirations? It could be any, none, or all of the above – but one thing remains constant and that is vulnerability. How will it be perceived, how will it be interpreted? Some people are more vulnerable than others – but that’s a good thing, in my book, because with vulnerability also comes compassion and empathy.

Collecting Moments

As a child I used to love to write stories and constantly had my head buried in a book. I was always creative and artistic and loved drawing too (especially portraits). But over the years life “got in the way” and those things took a back seat. I’m sure others can relate – how many of you out there had hobbies as a child that got left by the wayside in adulthood? We are always encouraging our children to use their imagination and pursue their creative interests. Well now I’m planning to use this blog as just that – a creative outlet where I can share thoughts, ideas and things that I love!

Time To Partaaay

I have so many ideas about blog posts but it was easy to decide where to start. The inspiration behind starting this blog was my love for styling. I just love a beautifully styled party and am constantly admiring instagram feeds and Pinterest boards for inspiration. So I thought why not use social media as a way to share some tips and ideas?

Got Style?

I love all things hair, makeup and fashion and I am often asked about the products that I use and where my outfits are from. The fashion and beauty component of this blog is really exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing some tips, my favourite products to use and maybe even some product reviews!

Looks like the perfect place to keep calm and start blogging!

If you’re a business and you have some products that you would like to have reviewed, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to getting started on some product reviews and sharing the love!

Today I adore creativity.

Jas XO


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