Escape to Everywhere!

Book Week 19-26 August 2017

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Escape to Everywhere is the theme for this year’s Book Week. I love this theme because it’s one of the main reasons I read books. Opening the pages of a book is like stepping through a door, into another world, another time, another place – everywhere!

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”  DR. SEUSS

Photo by Karina Carvalho | Unsplash

In honour of Book Week, I decided to feature some mini book reviewers! I really wanted to hear about which books your kids were reading, or what their favourite book is – in their own words! So, here they are…

Mini Book Reviewers

Thanks so much to the mamas that sent through their mini book reviews for Kimi’s page! Have a read of their wonderful reading stories below…


Meet 3.5 year old Lewis from Victoria!

Lewis’s mum Candi says:

“His favourite book is Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd. As you can see, the book is very well loved. It was his Uncle’s favourite book when he was little too!”

Lewis’s mini interview with mum:

“I love it because it’s my favourite book!”

Q: Why is it your favourite book?

A: “Because it’s got Hairy Maclary in it.”

Q: What’s your favourite part in the book?

A: When Scarface Claw comes and says eowwwwffttzzz!!”

Q: Who is your favourite character?

“Umm-the little brown dog (Schnitzel von Krumm) cos he is brown and has a little Bum!”

What a gorgeous interview, thank you Lewis! What a gem! You can catch more of Candi and Lewis over at @thecandiglam.


Next up we have the ever so adorable Zac!

Cat says about her son Zac;

“My son was OBSESSED with ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ when he was two. We read it EVERYDAY. This was his most favourite book ever. He even had a party around it (plus dinosaurs of course). Hasn’t had a book ever so loved.”

What lovely family photos of Cat and her hubby with their son Zac.

This book is a classic, lighting up the imaginations of children for many many years. See more of Cat and Zac over at Cat’s stunning insta feed @visual_muser.

And on a side note – what a GREAT idea for a birthday party theme!


Next up, meet Sydney mama Danielle and her mini, 7 month old Rosie!

Danielle says:

“Saturday mornings spent reading and playing! (And coffee…duh) We are totally loving the Usborn touchy-feely books! They are so colourful and the textures on each page are just perfect for little miss Rosie. She loves feeling the different materials. I just love reading to her.”

It is never too early to begin reading with your little one. Thank you Danielle for sharing this beautiful photo.

You can find more cute photos of little miss Rosie over at @missmummyandhermini.


How cute is our next reader? Meet 2.5 year old Elijah, all the way from Cape Town!

Thank you to his mama Angela for sending through this photo of her gorgeous bubba reading with her. Angela says “His favourite book is actually a book called ‘A Little Horse Called Pancakes’ by Candice Noakes-Dobson. It features my late husband, myself and Elijah in it.” Thank you Angela for sharing such a precious moment with us. You can see this beautiful photo on Angela’s Instagram oursunshinejourney.


Ever heard of Diary of a Minecraft Zombie? I have! It’s one of Kimi’s favourite book series! And book number 3 is currently Ned from Adelaide’s favourite book! 8 year old Ned loves this book because:

“It’s all about mutant zombies and stuff”.

And he’s right, that is what it is about! Gotta love it. Thank you Melina for sending in Ned’s review.


And last but certainly not least, we have gorgeous 2.5 year old Sophie, also from Adelaide! Thanks to her mum Linda for telling us about Sophie’s favourite book ‘Dinosaurs On The Loose!’ by Amanda Tariau and Mark Osberg. Thank you Linda for sharing.

Reading to my kids is the highlight of my day. I love that so far, Kimi is a little book worm! Will have to wait and see about Ilina, but she already does love her picture books and identifying and pointing out objects!

Inspire Book Box

In the process of preparing this blog post I came across a really fun and unique Gold Coast business, called Inspire Book Box!

“An exciting, fun and educational monthly subscription box filled with books, activities and book related items to engage and ignite your 0-6 year olds passion for reading.”

I think this is an awesome idea! Each month your child can anticipate receiving their Book Box filled with books, creative activities, food recipes and lunch box ideas, depending on which option you choose. They have a ’Little Hands’ box for ages 0-2, a ‘Bigger Hands’ box for ages 3-6 and a ‘Many Hands’ box for ages 0-6. Each box also has the option of adding a sibling. Roxanne really has thought of everything! I think this would make an awesome gift too.

Prices start from $39.95.

Shop on their website or visit their Instagram @inspirebookbox for more info.

That’s a wrap! Please feel free to contact me or over on Insta @jazzi_adores if you would like to submit a book review, we would love to hear from you. Or tag us in your book week costume photos! After all Kimi’s Page is a page for kids – by kids!

To read Kimi’s book review and for more information on future collaborations head on over to Kimi’s Page.

Today we adore escaping…

Jas & Kimi XOXO

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