When your child comes to you and asks for a Minecraft Birthday Party, you better throw them a Minecraft Birthday Party! And guess what? It doesn’t have to be all green!

We have all been there. Your kids birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to do for it. Or what theme to have, if at all. Well I find it really helpful to start off with the question, “What kind of cake would you like?” Usually that is a good starting point to build a theme around.

But this time when I asked my son Kimi what kind of cake he wanted, he said “A Minecraft Cake cake.” Say what now?! But it ended up being the BEST CAKE EVER.

A Minecraft Cake cake!

So this is what a cake looks like in the Minecraft computer game! Cool, hey!? I never would have thought to use one of the elements of the game like this for cake inspiration! I am the first to admit that when I hear “Minecraft party” I automatically think green and black! And 99% of the party photos I have seen on Pinterest seem to be green and black too. So it was really exciting to have such a unique and different idea to style a Minecraft party with! Thank goodness I have such a free spirited boy who likes to think outside the box!

Those who don’t think outside the box are easily contained.NICHOLAS MANETTA

Well there’s some food for thought!

As you can already see, the cake has red, white and brown in it – three colours that aren’t black or green!

This amazing cake was made by Yiota of My Sweet Addiction. It was a white chocolate mud cake with raspberry buttercream filling and it tasted amazing! And those sharp edges were unbelievable!!! Yiota makes lots of different styles of desserts and I did think of adding some donuts or cookies but the cake itself was so spectacular that we really didn’t need anything else!

I decided that this was going to be a colourful Minecraft party and kept this in mind as I looked for invites.

Digital Print Invites

A favourite shop of mine when it comes to invites is Etsy. There are thousands of designs to choose from on Etsy. In this case I wanted a digital file that I could print myself. Some stores give you the option of just buying a digital file, or having the shop print them and send them out to you.


The invitation design I chose was from Etsy store, InvitationsMarket. The invite design was sent to me as a JPEG and I was able to make several changes at no extra cost. As you can see, the invite is very colourful, with the blocks spilling over and all the characters running through the wall. I loved these invites because they were different and didn’t use the usual black and green colours.
I printed them at Office Works on 5×7″ card and they came up a treat! I also bought plain white envelopes at Office Works and rectangle shaped envelope stickers which just happened to have a colourful border. They went really well with the invite design!

Party Favours

I wanted to stick with the colourful theme for the party favours. And it was easy with a huge range to choose from at Discount Party Supplies. To start with, I chose earthy coloured bags to pack all the goodies into. These bags were a great size and fit everything easily.

For the actual party favours I chose pixelated fluoro coloured glasses, pick axe shaped pencils with eraser, pixelated note pads, mini rubicks cubes, mini slinkys, rubber ball, whistles and colourful swirl lollipops. I then added my own chip packets, snack size chocolates and wrapped lollies.

Discount Party Supplies

One of my favourite items in the goody bag was the pixelated fluoro glasses. The bright colours really popped and the kids loved wearing them!

Oh and did I mention the grass printed table cloths?! They were a specific request from Kimi and Discount Party Supplies delivered the goods yet again!


Food and Drink Supplies

As we were having the party at AMF bowling I knew that we wouldn’t necessarily need to bring our own plates and cups etc but I just couldn’t resist these black and white striped paper plates! I find that black and white generally goes really well with pretty much any theme and can help tie everything in together. They looked really cute with the green and white striped straws and green napkins too, all from Discount Party Supplies.



If you don’t have cube shaped balloons, is it even a Minecraft Party?!


The Little Big Balloon Company

Of course we had cube shaped balloons! I got large black foil helium cubes shaped balloons from The Little Big Balloon Company.

I paired them with light and dark green helium latex balloons and a gold foil number 8.  The cube shaped balloons were so cool and were just the icing on the cake!


AMF Bowling and Laser Tag

We had the party at AMF Bowling and Laser Tag and it was amazing! To say that the kids had fun would be a massive understatement! The cost per child is on par with other party establishments, but this party went for 2.5 hours which is longer than most other places. Included in the package was laser skirmish, bowling, arcade and a hot meal. The kids meals were presented like you would see in a trendy cafe, with hotdogs, curly fries and nuggets on black and white paper lined basket trays. The tables were lined with drawing paper and pencils were provided, so the kids were able to draw on the tables and they loved it!

We also had some platters for the mums and dads which included garlic bread, mini sausage rolls and quiches and hot drinks. Oh and churros with hot chocolate dipping sauce for dessert, yum!

The kids had SO much fun and the whole vibe of the party was awesome. The party would not have been as fun as it was without the awesome party host, Elsa. Elsa was hands down the best party host I have ever seen. She was so patient with all the kids and went above and beyond to make sure that everyone was included and felt happy. She anticipated all their questions and was on the ball the whole time. She kept the party moving along smoothly and all with a smile! The kids absolutely loved her (and so did we hehe).

Kimi had an absolute ball at his birthday party and we are so grateful to have such amazing family and friends to celebrate with. It’s all worth it to see their happy faces!


Today I adore thinking outside the box!


Jas XO

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