She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.Proverbs 31:25

I love my baby girl’s laugh. I really don’t know if there is a better sound than a baby laughing!

We had lots of laughs and smiles at Ilina’s Christening celebration last October. She was at that “happy to sit in a high chair and sleep anywhere stage” back then so the day went pretty smoothly. It’s a different story now though. Now I need three of me to keep up with her!

Family and Friends

It was a beautifully sunny Spring Sunday last October when we had our baby girl Christened. This blog post is about the theme I chose and how I styled it, and the suppliers that I used.

We had the Christening at our church, with Ilina’s Godparents and our close family and friends. After the ceremony we invited our guests for lunch at La Vita Ristorante.

The theme I chose was Blush Pink and Gold. Blush pink was the colour of the year I think! It’s such a pretty colour and was really complemented by the gold.

The Cake

As usual the cake was my starting point with the theme.
The cake was made by Cristarella Cakes and was an 8 inch round cake at double tier height. It was white fudge with raspberries and it tasted absolutely divine! I chose blush pink for the fondant. Can we just have a moment of appreciation for the delicate lace work at the top and bottom of the cake?! Amazing!

Cake Topper

In keeping with the theme, I chose to use gold mirror for the cake topper and the cross on the front of the cake. These were from Allspex and they were fully customised for me. For example, I wanted Ilina’s name to be made using the Cyrillic alphabet, which is the alphabet used in my language. So instead of Ilina, we had Илина. And the cross was a custom Orthodox cross which is slightly different to the Catholic one. It was important to me to have these personal touches to make it a really special day.

In addition to the cake we also had cupcakes from Cristarella Cakes with light pink icing. Cupcakes are always a hit with the kids! And I loved these custom cupcake toppers also from Allspex. I chose blush pink acrylic for the heart toppers and gold mirror for the miniature crosses and the word “love” in script.

Some more photos of the amazing cake…


I had my heart set on gold foil for the invites, so I looked around until I found that Anna from Print and Party does gold foil. I wanted to stick to the blush pink and gold theme so I had the gold foil printed on a blush pink watercolour background. They turned out beautifully and Anna was so lovely, as usual, with making changes and personalising the items for me.


To match with the invites, I ordered personalised chocolate bars that read “Thank you for celebrating my special day with me”. They also had the guests name on there and Ilina’s name and the date of the christening. These also served as name places for the guests in the restaurant, instead of using place cards. The message was gold foil printed on the same blush pink watercolour background and the chocolate bars were white chocolate, Kimi’s favourite!


For decorations we kept it simple with some cute balloons from The Little Big Balloon Company.

We had a jumbo round pink balloon and a large round clear balloon with gold confetti either side of the dessert table, with matching gold tassels.

For each of the tables where guests were seated, we had one large round clear balloon with gold confetti together with a regular sized pink balloon, on blush pink and gold ribbon. I used plain white tablecloths and chair covers with simple baby pink organza ribbon tied to the back of each chair.

Everything was set up beautifully by the time we arrived from the church, thanks to Kevin and Fiori and the lovely waiters and waitresses at La Vita Restaurant. They were so accommodating and hospitable and the food here was amazing! And so much of it too! I highly recommend this establishment for your next function.

Ilina’s Christening Outfit

Ilina’s Christening outfit was from Parthenon Emporium and was the cutest three quarter length dress with cap sleeves and a rose patterned belt around the waist. She had a matching bow, silk bloomers, frilly socks and satin shoes. Thank you to her Godparents for such a beautiful outfit and for helping to make this day so special.

You can try and take the styling one step further and co-ordinate your outfits as a family too. So many of the family photos are taken around the cake, the dessert table, or the other decorations. So it would bug me if I looked back on photos and saw that the outfits clashed with the background! Yes, I know, I am *that* person. (Sorry not sorry. It’s really just another excuse to go shopping…)


Today I adore sunny Sundays with family.

Jas XO


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